Toyota to drop Tacoma X-Runner grade for 2014 MY

Toyota announced that it will begin trimming models from its Tacoma lineup, starting with the Regular Cab in 2015, and it appears that the Tacoma X-Runner will be dropped as well sooner than that.

The production of the first variant of the popular pickup truck has been dropped for 2014 model year, though the company’s SR Package could fill the need of those looking for a sporty pickup.

The X-Runner has been around since 2005 with its lowered stance, aftermarket-look body kit and bright paint colors, all of which are offered available only on V6-powered, two-wheel-drive Access Cab Tacomas.

The new SR Package sounds like it will offer a somewhat similar appearance, though, with a monotone exterior paint scheme in limited colors accented with smoked headlights, but it will only be offered on Pre-Runner and 4×4 models.

Other changes being made to the 2014 Tacoma include a new wheel option with black finish, a wider variety of Entune multimedia features, and the option to have the backup camera display moved from the rearview mirror to the audio system head unit.

2005 model

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