Toyota GT 86 Cup Edition

There is no better way to celebrate the premiere of the Toyota GT86 Cup, European Championship Flagship, than launching a limited edition of GT 86 to the market under the beautiful name of “Toyota GT86 Cup Edition”.

The cup will run integrated with German VLN championship, so participants of the cup may also participate at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

The model is a replica of the GT 86 CS-V3 manufactured in Germany by Toyota Motorsport GmbH and the race car ready for the cup GT86. As for the cost, the special edition will cost an additional €2860 with respect to a standard GT86. In addition, every customer who carries a Toyota GT 86 Cup Edition home, will receive two tickets to attend one of the championship races to be run at the Nürburgring.


However, the customer will receive more than a sports vehicle with stickers and two entrances. It brings OZ alloy wheels shod with 18-inch Pirelli PZero Nero 225/40-18 GT. Inside, the steering wheel racing is kind of Alcantara, logos Cup Edition and a numbered plaque will be the only differences. The mechanics unchanged, remains the same: 200 hp boxer four.

The manufacturer has said that the GT86 Cup Edition will be available throughout Europe, but surely all sales are reserved for German customers. The reason is simple, who follows the VLN championship, a championship endurance riding around the Nürburgring outside Germany?



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