2014 Toyota Fortuner

The new 2014 Toyota Fortuner is a car planned to be just as acceptable for the city-limits and the aerial conditions. It will be available for sale at the end of this year. Even though there won’t be any bigger changes compared to its predecessor, it will be quite refreshing.

The 2014 SUV model will be convenient for both off-road and urban conditions, and it will be able to transport up to seven passengers.

Fortuner has taken the local market by storm since its introduction in 2006, racking up sales to take top spot in the SUV segment. In fact it is the best-selling privately bought vehicle in the country according to NAAMSA statistics. It underwent a fairly radical cosmetic rework in 2011 that made it even more of a good-looking vehicle. However, great value-for money and legendary off-road ability remain the pillars of the Fortuner range. Add seven-seater versatility, a generous 80 litre fuel tank for when the journey ahead is long, and a five-year 90 000km service plan to the equation and you have an unbeatable, go-anywhere family package.


This Japanese SUV will be available in two diesel engine options. There will be the 3.0 L unit that provides power of 163 horsepower and the 2.5 L engine that offers power of 144 horsepower. Nevertheless, for those who prefer petrol engines, there will also be an option of a petrol engine – 2.7 L, which produces power of 160 hp. The transfer is done through a new 5-speed automatic transmission, and all models have a FWD or optional AWD system.

The exterior of the vehicle will have some changes which will include a new radiator grille, a new front end, and the new optional alloy wheels. It will have a turning radius of the wheels and a better parking. As for the interior, there will be a redesigned instrument panel and other improved equipment. Actually, Australian Toyota engineers are responsible for the re-design of the 2014 model.

Interior is only refreshed, but it is beautiful and makes this seven-seater more spacious and very comfortable family car. It features automatic air conditioning, improved display and audio system with 6 speakers, cruise control, rear parking assist monitor, Bluetooth, CD/MP3 player, and those are just some of the conveniences offered by the 2014 Toyota Fortuner, another new generation SUV, which will certainly find its fans in the markets around the world.


TTCAu (Toyota Technical Center Australia) developed the all-new SUV from the idea where the project branches from the Hilux, on which it is based. TMAP-EM (Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing) will be in charge for the double-cab, TTCAu (Toyota Technical Center Australia) will be at the helm for the Fortuner where the vehicles begin to spread.

The release date and exact price of the 2014 Toyota Fortuner has not been revealed yet, but we suppose it will be pretty high, since almost all Toyota vehicles provide relaxation the feeling of high-class. It surely will procure much more to its customers than they have expected. So, our suggestion is not to miss the premiere appearance of this new Japanese SUV.


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